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HCV Nutrition

Table of contents 3
Introduction 4
How to use this book 5
I have Hep C, should I be on a special diet? Yes! 6
Follow these basic eating rules to stay healthy 7
The Right Proteins 9
Here’s the word on Vegetables 10
So many fruits, and lots of time! 11
Carbohydrates: for your brain and muscles 12
You need to know the fats of life! 13
Caveperson fats: nuts and seeds 14
Careful of these foods … and drugs 15
Assembling foods to be meals 17

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Make your plate look like this 18


Sample menus , two days of good eating 20
  Breakfast ideas 22
  Lunch ideas 24
  Super suppers 25
  Breakfast on the run 28
  Lunch on the run 29
  Dinner on the run 30
  Science lesson: how Hepatitis C changes liver cell nutrition needs 31
  Nutrition for best immune cell action 32
  Antioxidants to reduce liver scarring 33
  Nutritional supplements to help you have more energy 34
  Some more food rules to keep you healthy and avoid diabetes 35
  Gut ecosystem support and liver health 36
  Nutrition before and during interferon/ribavirin therapy 37
  Nutrition after Interferon/Ribavirin, what if no SVR? 38
  Appendix 1: More science -- liver mitochondria 40
  Appendix 2: Shopping for Vitamins and other Supplements 41
  Appendix 3: Hepatitis C and Nutrition: Monograph 43
  Appendix 4: Journal references 46
  Appendix 5: Guide to Groceries 48
  Appendix 6: Protein content of common foods 50
  Appendix 7: Case Studies, Abstract 51