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HIV Nutrition Book

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Table of Contents
Why Nutrition Matters So Much In HIV Care
5 The Three Basic Elements For Best Nutrition In HIV Care
6 The Changing Picture Of Nutritional Care In HIV Infection
9 Nutritional Status Questionnaire
12 Weight Change Patterns In People With HIV
13 Tracking Your Weight
14 There Is A Seriously Useful Diet To Follow When HIV+
14 Protein To Build A Better Body And Support Immune Cells
18 The Colors And Minerals In Vegetables Are Important To Immune Cells
19 Gettin’ Down With Fruits
21 Pick Your Starches Wisely
22 You Need To Know The Fats Of Life
24 Here Is Your Guide To Groceries
26 Sample Menus … To Help You Put It All Together
28 Yes You Need To Be Taking Some Vitamins
29 Comprehensive List Of Supplements For Supporting Immune And Other Cells
30 The Layers Of Vitamin And Mineral Support You Can Do
31 Here Is A Guide To Understanding Supplements
34 Solving Body Repair And Altered Metabolism Problems
35 Keep The Intestinal Ecosystem Nourished To Resolve Diarrhea
38 Food And Supplements That Support Liver Repair
39 Nutritional Help During Interferon Therapy
40 Muscles Are The Reserve Fuel Tank Of The Immune System
42 The Mitochondria Story
44 Reducing Neuropathy
45 Understanding Lipodystrophy: Origins, Prevention & Treatment
45 A Lipodystrophy Prevention Roadmap
46 Don’t Let This Downward Spiral Happen To You
47 Managing High Triglycerides With Nutrition
50 Nutrition Sports And HIV Infection
52 Eating Through Tough Times
53 Eating To Regain Lost Weight
54 Some High-Calorie, Easy Foods
55 Eating Hints For Sore Mouth And Throat
57 Eating Hints For Nausea And Vomiting
59 Managing Severe Diarrhea
62 Shopping List For Easy Foods To Use When Extra Tired
63 What You Should Know About Liquid Nutritional Supplements
64 Get Some Professional Nutrition Help In Your Area
64 Nutrition Support In Chronic Hepatitis C Infection
67 Conclusion
68 References