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August 2006  Hepatitis In the Heartland, Omaha, Nebraska.
Nutrition in Americaís farm country conjures up images of breadbaskets and broiled beef. An infected liver can be further damaged by excess iron in foods, however, so put beef on the menu for special occasions now. Use pork as the other white meat instead. Elevated serum iron predicted poorer response to Interferon treatment in the days before pegIFN and Ribavirin. (Digestive Diseases and Sciences 1995; 40(11):2431-33.) Fruits, vegetables, roots and legumes offer more immune cell support than even whole grains do. Diet for optimal immune function is reviewed. Note, a higher protein diet helps liver cell repair. Protein restriction is not warranted. Even in late-stage liver disease, protein restriction to diminish hepatic encephalopathy is not supported by clinical data. See the editorial in Journal of Hepatology July 2004; 41: 38-43 about this important clinical concept.

January 2006   NAHOF National Association of HIV Over Fifty; Miami.
Case presentation: a patient with HIV-HCV co-infection Ö. LFTís in the 500ís, who had previously stopped pegIFN/RBV therapy after 16 weeks due to exhaustion and depression, now accomplishes 9 months therapy, thanks to intense nutrition intervention.

The intervention: 1 month prior to therapy, patient starts glutathione support with cysteine and glutamine, to lower ALT levels. Patient also starts B-complex vitamins, L-Carnitine and Co-enzyme Q10 supplements, to improve liver cell energy production, to prevent fatigue provoked by Ribavirin. Pt also takes antioxidant multivitamin that includes vit E and vit C, selenium and magnesium: Perfect Blend from the Supernutrition company. Pt also makes more of an effort to be on a high protein diet. Pt does not get complete viral clearance, but LFTís remain 80% lower now, compared to pre-treatment values.

October 30, 2005 Hepatitis C Leadership Summit, Boston.
Nutrition is vital to immune function. CD8 cells, also known as cytotoxic T lymphocytes, combat Hepatatis C infection is those who are chronically infected. These cells are sensitive to nutritional status, especially with respect to selenium, zinc and glutathione. Antioxidant vitamins are glutathione-sparing. Vitamin E can also protect liver cells from free radical damage, lowering ALT levels by as much as 40% in some studies. 

Nutrition Solves The Lipodystrophy Mystery Ö  Itís the nukes, not itís the PIís, no, itís the virus Ö. No one has to take blame for side effects for HAART, so patients are left with dramatically high levels of blood fats, and disfiguring body fat changes in face, arms, legs, bellies, necks and sometimes shoulders. Lipodystrophy is mostly about untamed inflammation. There is some dysmetabolism caused by HIV, but mitochondrial toxicity and protease inhibitor irritations are real; nutrition to the rescue however. Use foods and supplements to repair distressed cells, and see faces fill back out, have neuropathy stop waking people up in the night, and see blood triglycerides drop 500 points. Full details the Eat Up book. Example: when testosterone levels run low, TNFa levels rise, and so do cholesterol numbers. Replete testosterone and cytokine levels drop.

October 3, 2004; American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Expo, Anaheim.
A vigorous CD8 cell response clears HCV in 15% of people, for the rest of people who encounter Hepatitis C, the TH1 immune response needs nutrient support. Liver damage and risk of hepatocellular cancer is reduced when antioxidant systems are better nourished, especially glutathione, selenium and vitamin E.
Beyond Liver and Onion, Nutrition Support in Chronic Hepatitis C Infection.

September 5, 2003;  NAHOF  National HIV Over Fifty Meeting, Scottsdale, AZ As people age, their repair systems need extra nutrition. Many needs overlap with nutrients needed to support chronic infection. Good diet and some nutritional supplements improve energy and support immunity.
Nutrition to Slow Ageing and to Support Immune Activity

July 18, 2003; NPACE Nurse Practitioner Associates in Continuing Education Complimentary Therapies Meeting, Hyannis Mass.
Many people cannot tolerate prescription drugs, yet need help with cholesterol, arthritis, and  hypertension. Diet and nutrition supplements offer help without side effects.
 Diet and Nutritional Supplements for the Ageing Patient.


July 14, 2003;  Florida Dietetic Assoc. Annual Meeting,  Naples.
HAART can distress intestines and muscles. Nutrition supplements can significantly reduce side effects.
  Nutrition Strategies for Coping With HIV and HAAR

December 1, 2000; from AIDS Care Project, Worcester Massachusetts.
A diet that does not stress insulin action in the body is helpful for reducing lipodystrophy. The diet has less starches and the right amount of correct fats. Sample menus are available here:
Diet For Managing Fat Accumulation
November 15, 2000; from NIAC Nutritionists in AIDS Care, New York City.
Medicines to treat Hepatitis C infection are few, and have limited effectiveness. Right now, your best offense is good diet to repair liver cells, and antioxidant supplements to limit cell damage. 
Nutrition for co-infection of Hepatitis C and HIV